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This unique book makes a perfect gift for native Texans, displaced Texans and new Texans alike. Order your signed copy here and have it personalized to your specifications.

The great state of Texas is displayed in rich textures, brilliant hues and vibrant detail as you have never before seen it.
Texas As I See It - for sonly $34.95 is a hard cover, dust jacketed 13x11 Coffee Table book of images collected across Texas

There's Nothing to See in Texas

"There's nothing to see in Texas." is an often-heard, yet completely innacruate phrase uttered by many people who are too busy with their daily lives to notice the beauty that surrounds them throughout the Lone Star State.

If you keep your eyes open and adjust your awareness, the largest state in the "Lower Forty-eight" will surprise and delight you at every turn. If you approach your surroundings like a four-year-old, you will find your environment (wherever you are) to be rich in beauty and wonders. Texas is no exception. This book is dedicated to exactly that premise.

But wait, there's more!

With over 200 images in total, there are many categories and subsets of categories to be found among the 166 pages. Enough to keep you busy for hours discovering things you never knew existed, as well as re-discovering landmarks captured in a manner you never imagined. Texas As I See It is a great study guide for road trips across the Lone Star State.

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